Dual Diagnosis Intensive Outpatient Program in Memphis, TN

Cost effective, evidence based mental health care for individuals who are psychologically distressed and having problems with substance use.

Effective Treatment for Alcoholism, Drug Abuse and Depression

In our treatment for alcoholism, drug abuse and depression intensive outpatient program, we obtain measures of number of days a patient has engaged in any alcohol abuse or illegal drug abuse and depressive symptoms.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Stages of Change

If you are experiencing alcohol and drug abuse, here is a road map of the first three Stages of Change and things you can do in each stage that will help move you along to the next step in your plan to change your recovery from alcohol abuse or drug abuse.

Treatment for Substance Abuse and Dual Diagnosis Disorders Memphis TN

Up to 60% of those struggling with alcoholism and substance abuse also have dual diagnosis psychiatric disorders, such as depression or anxiety.

Prescription Drug Abuse: Coping with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can result in the need for prescription drug abuse treatment. Chronic pain is frequently caused by many accidents and medical conditions, including arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia neuropathy and other disease states.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment: Sustaining Change

Whether changing relationship behaviors, health related behaviors, alcohol and drug abuse or self destructive behaviors, the change process is the same for everyone.

Screening for Alcohol Use

Do you have an alcohol problem?
If your drinking results in harm or distress, there is an increased risk of an alcohol abuse disorder. Take Quiz:

Screening for Depression

Depression is a common but serious mood disorder. It can cause severe symptoms that affect how you feel, think, and handle daily activities, such as sleeping, eating, or working. Take Quiz:

Screening for Substance Abuse

Do you have a substance use problem?
If your substance abuse results in harm or distress, there is an increased risk of a substance use disorder. Take Quiz:

Screening For Anxiety

Excessive anxiety can become a serious problem that can interfere with everyday life, decision making and carrying out the activities of day-to-day living. Take Quiz:

Additional Substance Abuse and Mental Health Screening Quizzes

Wondering if you or a loved one might have a substance use or mental health problem? Use our free, clinically validated screening questionnaires to see whether or not there may be a reason for concern. These anonymous self-assessments are for screening only and are not designed to diagnose a condition. No screening quiz is 100% accurate so if you are concerned about your mental health or that of your loved ones, please seek help from a mental health professional. You can take additional screening quizzes here.

Why Choose Mental Health Resources? 

We know that you can choose to trust to provide your care.  Over 20 years ago, we opened the first non-hospital based intensive outpatient program in Memphis.   Over the course of those 20+ years, our expertise has continued to evolve.  Our intensive outpatient program at Mental Health Resources:

Specializes in the treatment of dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders,
              such as depression and alcohol use;

Is located in a confidential, private office setting;

Is the only intensive outpatient program in the Memphis area, (and one of the few in the country),
with proven treatment outcomes.

Our intensive outpatient programs are the only ones in Memphis and the surrounding area that have published seven treatment outcome studies in peer reviewed journals proving our treatment effectiveness.  Additionally, our published client satisfaction ratings show very high customer ratings of their treatment experience with us and an independent, international, review found that our clients had among the highest satisfaction scores in the world.

Millions of Americans need treatment every day.

Alcohol Abuse

Substance Abuse


Anxiety Disorders


Our overall treatment satisfaction was ranked among the highest in the world.

A recent international review of over 2,000 client satisfaction studies of dual diagnosis treatment programs found that 27 met their rigorous methodological inclusion criteria. Our dual diagnosis treatment outcome and treatment satisfaction study was included in this systematic review of client satisfaction in dual diagnosis treatment programs. Read More


  • Would you come back? 95%
  • Overall satisfaction 93%
  • Services helped 93%
  • Satisfaction with amount of help 90%
  • Recommend the program 95%
  • Extent program met your needs 85%
  • Kind of service 90%
  • The Quality of Service 93%
  • Average CSQ score 93%

0 = Very Unsatisfied; 100 = Extremely Satisfied
Average Satisfaction Score = 93%
(* = based on 1000+ returned feedback froms)

MHR’s Total Client Satisfaction Scores

We have listed some of the representative Mental Health Resources reviews, ratings and feedback below. As you can see there, our clients highly recommend our program, are highly satisfied with our treatment and with their personal successes in our intensive outpatient program for alcohol and drug abuse.

In addition to completing the rating scales, many clients choose to also leave us reviews, ratings and feedback or other comments on their satisfaction questionnaires. We have listed a few of the representative reviews, ratings and feedback and comments below. As you can see, these client reviews are consistent with the ratings and reflect a high degree of client satisfaction and success in our intensive outpatient programs.


“For the first time in years I am not drinking every day. This program saved my marriage.”
“I never realized that I was using to cover up the painful past. Now that I am learning how to deal with my pain, I don’t need to use.”
“I have finally found a program that works for me! Now that I have learned why I was drinking and drugging, I am finally clean and sober. Thanks for helping me get my life back!”
“I was past giving up and thinking about how to kill myself when I came here. I thank you for helping me realize the mistake I would have been making if I had given up on life and for teaching me the skills I need to cope with the problems that were overwhelming me.”
“This program has wonderful therapists and a program that really makes sense. I have gained skills that help me at home, work and in all of my relationships. Thank you!”
“I feel a lot better than I did when I first started. I have learned many ways to deal with my depression and stress.”
“This program helped me so very much. I will never forget you and I appreciate all you’ve done to help me go through this time of my life.”
“I’ve gained tools from the groups in IOP and classes. These will help me get through this crisis and my life. Thanks so much! God bless you all!”

“I learned about my irrational beliefs and how to dispel irrational beliefs. I learned how to relax. Most important of all, when I came here I was ready to give up and now I realize I have many things to live for. I now have a future.”

“Many thanks to everyone at MHR for such an excellent overall experience. It was extremely beneficial.”
“This place has help me a whole lot but I have a long road any way to go.”

Begin Your Road to Recovery Today!

Are you or a loved one suffering from alcohol or drug abuse?

If the answer is yes, you have already taken the first step in the right direction. With more than 6.6% of the American population involved in some sort of addiction, accepting that you have a problem can prompt you to get appropriate treatment.

Mental Health Resources offers an intensive addiction treatment program in Memphis for all patients seeking to reclaim their life. Providing counseling for alcohol and drug abuse, our treatment center has been a respected treatment center for over 20 years.



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