Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program Philosophy

intensive outpatient treatment

Given the complexity of co-morbid substance abuse and psychiatric disorders, we recognized that there is not a single method of treatment that is best for everyone.   There will not be a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach to your recovery in our intensive outpatient treatment program.  However, research has also informed our philosophy that no matter what drug rehab centers are studied, certain common factors underlie effective substance abuse and psychological treatments found in rehab treatment and our goal is to optimize those factors in your recovery.

Contrary to popular beliefs, we do not believe that prematurely confronting the person who is abusing alcohol or drugs is effective in reducing use.  We believe that responsibility for change rests squarely with the individual and they must demonstrate a willingness to climb the mountain of change.  When the person who is abusing mood altering substances shows willingness to change, objective feedback regarding personal risk and impairment have proven to be helpful and may be provided.  Similarly, because we do not believe there is only one way for someone abusing alcohol or drugs to change, our intensive outpatient treatment program may provide a menu of alternative routes or change options to facilitate their recovery.  Empathy about obstacles to changing patterns of substance use is provided and efforts are made to empower each individual to find their own way in achieving their treatment goals.  Therapeutic interventions providing some or all of these common factors have been shown to be effective in reducing substance abuse in rehab treatment.

Mission of Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

The mission of the intensive outpatient treatment program at Mental Health Resources, PLLC is to provide cost effective, high quality mental health care, in the least restrictive setting, to psychologically distressed individuals who are experiencing problems with alcohol abuse and/or drug abuse. We are committed to preventing hospitalization and treating the individual in their natural environment, if the patient can be safely treated in an intensive outpatient treatment program.  Most individuals who enter IOP do so in the midst of a crisis and require frequent, intensive, contact.  MHR’s IOP was developed expressly for the purpose of providing an intensive therapeutic environment in an outpatient setting, allowing the patient to stay at home.  Our drug rehab center is committed to providing intensive outpatient treatment program for those experiencing alcoholism or drug abuse and other compulsive behaviors in the least restrictive setting.  However, we also recognize that some individuals require drug rehab centers in medical facilities for detoxification or in residential treatment centers before they can be treated in outpatient drug rehab centers. While abstinence is the preferred treatment goal in these and other cases, we recognize and accept that abstinence is not everyone’s goal at the beginning of treatment and are willing to accept these patients where they are and work with them to reach their goals. This is consistent with our harm reduction, stages of change and motivational enhancement philosophy.

Our intensive outpatient treatment program is the only program in Memphis that has published treatment results in scientific peer reviewed journals.  We are housed in a private practice, confidential, free standing office setting.  Our conference rooms are large, comfortable and conveniently located.  Our clinical and business office staff are professionals who recognize the importance of your journey with alcohol and drug abuse has been filled with strife and pain.  Our experienced clinical staff all have special training and / or experience in various types of addictions, as well as other forms of compulsive behaviors, and we will do everything we reasonably can to work with you, as long as we see that you are doing everything you reasonably can to work with us, to help you reach your goals in our intensive outpatient treatment program.

Your life can be better, with you at the helm. Don’t let substance abuse and psychological disorders rob you of  peace, fulfillment and a sense of purpose any longer.

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