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Client Reviews, Ratings and Feedback

Each client treated in our intensive outpatient programs completes reviews, ratings and feedback of their experience with us.  We have compiled 1000+ client reviews, ratings and feedback forms of Mental Health Resources Intensive Outpatient Programs.

At the time of this posting, 1,000+ people who started our intensive outpatient program have returned client reviews, ratings and feedback.  According to these former clients, as you can see below, our average customer review score is 3.7 on a scale of 1 – 4.  Our highest scores, both 3.8, established that clients would certainly come back to our intensive outpatient program if needed, and these reviews, ratings and feedback indicate that our clients would not hesitate to recommend a family member or friend to our intensive outpatient program.

Additionally, a recent international review1 of over 2,000 client satisfaction studies of dual diagnosis treatment programs found that 27 met their rigorous methodological inclusion criteria.  Our dual diagnosis treatment outcome and treatment satisfaction study was included in this systematic review of client satisfaction in dual diagnosis treatment programs.  Most importantly, however, this independent, international review found that our overall treatment satisfaction was among the highest in the world.

We have listed some of the representative Mental Health Resources reviews, ratings and feedback below.  As you can see there, our clients highly recommend our program, are highly satisfied with our treatment and with their personal successes in our intensive outpatient program for alcohol and drug abuse.

In addition to completing the rating scales, many clients choose to also leave us reviews, ratings and feedback or other comments on their satisfaction questionnaires.  We have listed a few of the representative reviews, ratings and feedback and comments below.  As you can see, these client reviews are consistent with the ratings and reflect a high degree of client satisfaction and success in our intensive outpatient programs.



I am upset with myself because I was so resistant to treatment for so long- I wish I had been open to treatment from the beginning, but I wasn’t ready. I am now. I am forever grateful for the light bulbs that have been lit and am ready now to go full force with staying sober, getting healthy and getting my life back.”

“ Although it was hard, I actually loved IOP and it really helped me with a lot of things I still have a lot to work on. Based on your recommendations, I am going for additional help with anxiety and panic, which I was in denial about before, but was part of what I was trying to cover up with alcohol. I have a new understanding about what I need to do stay sober, which I didn’t get from my treatment at other places. You all are great and I will come back if needed.”

This program has gotten me back to who I really am. With the help here I faced a lot of things I was in denial about, including my using, and am feeling a lot better able to cope without the alcohol.”

“Although treatment is hard, everything here was great! I learned a lot about myself and my recovery. I am feeling good again without using and am positive with myself and life and am not using!”

Thank you for all the insight that IOP has given me. I am thankful that I was given this opportunity and for the coping skills that I’ve learned that will help me stay sober.”

“ The program, group and individual sessions were very helpful and “spot on” for giving me the tools I needed to make better decisions and helped me to manage my emotions without turning to pot or beer. This is just what I needed, when I needed it. Perfect. Thank your all so much.”

I really found people I could confide in here. The counselors are really caring. This treatment program has helped me in ways I didn’t even realize I needed. It really has helped my anxiety, which in turn is helping me to stay sober.”

MHR has helped me a great deal. Everyone was helpful, kind and informed. I will continue to use the skills-and use them to help me cope and prevent another relapse.”

“ The services were great, now it’s on me to use what I’ve learned to deal more effectively with my problems instead of drinking and drugging.”

I’m feeling much better after my treatment here. This treatment helped me a lot to get my life back on a sober track.”

“Thank ya’ll for giving me tools and confidence to not only stay sober, but to have a better quality of life.”

Feeling great, clean and sober.”

“I was past giving up and thinking about how to kill myself when I came here. I thank you for helping me realize the mistake I would have been making if I had given up on life and for teaching me the skills I need to cope with drinking and the problems that were overwhelming me.”

  “I have finally found a program that works for me!  Now that I have learned why I was drinking and drugging, I am finally clean and sober.  Thanks for helping me get my life back!” “This program has wonderful therapists and a program that really makes sense.  I have gained skills that help me at home, work and in all of my relationships.  Thank you!”   “For the first time in years I am not drinking every day.  This program saved my marriage.”

“I feel a lot better than I did when I first started.  I have learned many ways to deal with my depression and stress. I never realized that I was using to cover up the painful past.  Now that I am learning how to deal with my pain, I don’t need to use.”

“This program helped me so very much, not just to get clean, but to get back my life.  I will never forget you and I appreciate all you’ve done to help me go through this time of my life.”

“I’ve gained tools from the groups in IOP and classes.  These will help me get through this crisis and my life without relapsing.  Thanks so much!  God bless you all!”

“I learned about my irrational beliefs and how to dispel irrational beliefs.  I learned how to relax.  Most important of all, when I came here I was ready to give up and now I realize I have many things to live for.  I now have a future without alcohol.”

“Many thanks to everyone at MHR for such an excellent overall experience.  It was extremely beneficial in all aspects of my life.”

“This place has help me a whole lot but I have a long road any way to go.  I didn’t know I could feel so good being sober!”

“I have truly benefited from this program more than I initially thought possible.”

“Thank you for everything.  Words can’t express how good I feel.”

“I’ve learned from each session and know I still need some more help to maintain my recovery, but since I’ve been here I have better tools to work with now.”

“The program is awesome.  Thank you so much for helping me.”

“This is a good program.  I’ve been helped with things that I didn’t realize were still bothering me and that I was using to cope with the pain.”

“I learned to deal with my anger…I didn’t really understand why I was really so mad and felt like I needed to drink to chill out.”

“Thank you so much for your help!  You guys are great.  Keep it up.”

“There aren’t words to tell you how much I have gained and how happy I feel on this day.”

“Keep up the good work.  Thanks, so much for your help and helping me get back my life and family.”

“I have learned a lot and even though I’ve had to work hard and cried a lot, I really enjoyed this program.”

“With your help, I have come a long way, but know I still have an awful lot of painful issues to deal with, but because I have already dealt with a lot here I now have the hope and the strength I need to face the others.”

“I’ve learned a lot about myself, feelings and my behaviors. I also learned many tools to use to cope with my problems, like identifying red flags, relaxation exercises and practicing assertive behaviors to avoid relapsing.”

“I found that the sessions focused on so many issues I wasn’t even aware of.  I learned a lot about how my feelings were coming out even though I didn’t know it and now I am able to express and cope with them better without using.  I also learned how to get through a crisis and see the signs of relapse.”

“Thanks to the entire staff, especially the therapists, for all your help and support.  I am a much stronger individual for being here.  I have learned how to deal with my crisis, grief and irrational thoughts.  Thanks!”

We are very proud of our client reviews, ratings and feedback.   If we can help you, please give us a call.

1Schulte Meier Stirling Systematic Review of Dual Diagnosis Satisfaction

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