Effective Treatment for Alcoholism, Drug Abuse and Depression

Reducing Number of Days of Substance Abuse,

Treatment for Alcoholism

Treatment for Alcoholism, Drug Abuse and Depression

In our treatment for alcohol and drug abuse intensive outpatient program, we obtain measures of number of days a patient has engaged in any alcohol abuse or illegal drug abuse and depressive symptoms. Based on this, we have calculated a dose : response relationship between the average length of time in treatment and the average number of days any excessive alcohol use  or substance abuse occurred in the preceding week.

As you can see in the dose: response graph below, our treatment for alcoholism and drug abuse in our intensive outpatient program is very effective for reducing substance abuse, promoting recovery and disrupting the cycle of addiction.

Reducing Symptoms of Depression

Most people experiencing substance abuse have a multitude of problems influencing them.  Not being able to cope with emotions, feeling overwhelmed by, depression, anxiety or anger, are typical problems that contribute alcoholism or drug addiction.  Our philosophy is that treating these co-occurring disorders facilitates the recovery process.  As people learn more healthy ways of coping with their feelings, they are less likely to turn to alcohol or drugs.  The effective treatment of alcoholism requires the treatment of these co-occurring psychological conditions. Depression is one of the most frequent co-occurring disorders, and in Figure 2 you can see that the severity of depressive symptoms lessens as a result of our treatment for alcoholism and drug abuse, just as the number of days of alcohol or drug abuse declines.

Client Satisfaction

Treating people with substance abuse problems, and the psychiatric disorders  contributing to their dual diagnosis, is no easy business.  Most people do not want to change until they hit bottom or what they have been doing no longer works for them.  By the time they reach out for help, or are coerced into it, they are generally very unhappy and dissatisfied. Therefore, treatment for alcoholism, drug abuse and depression is quite challenging.  We see people when they are at their worst.  But this is also why we believe that Client Satisfaction for patients who have alcohol and drug abuse problems combined with major depression and anxiety is a very important measure.  As you can see in Figure 3 below, our published research has also shown that our patients are highly satisfied with their treatment for alcoholism, drug abuse and depression with us.  They believe our services helped them, would recommend the program to a friend or family member involved in alcohol abuse or illegal drug abuse, and would come back themselves if they relapsed into drinking alcohol or using drugs.  Overall, our patients were highly satisfied with their substance abuse treatment and rated the quality of service they received as very high.

To achieve these results takes time, patience and practice.  The important point to note is that it does not matter if you are involved in alcoholism or substance abuse, with major depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses; in order to receive successful treatment for alcoholism, drug abuse and depression , you will need to receive an adequate dose of treatment.

Research has shown that the longer people involved in substance abuse stay in rehab, the better their outcomes.  We know that continuing care after treatment in an intensive outpatient program helps sustain and solidify the gains made in treatment.  Subsequently, we also recommend that our clients continue receiving treatment for alcoholism, drug abuse and depression in individual or group therapy, as well as psychiatric management, after attending our intensive outpatient program.

More than 23.5 million people are involved in drug addiction in the U.S. However, according to recently published studies, only 11 percent of these people seek treatment. Don’t let substance abuse and psychological disorders rob you of  peace, fulfillment and a sense of purpose any longer.  Our drug treatment program in Memphis relies on evidence based treatment methods to promote your recovery and reduce your risk of substance abuse. Contact us today to begin treatment. Effective treatment for alcoholism, drug abuse and depression in Memphis, TN is available now.  Call us at 901-682-1434 to schedule an appointment.

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