Tennessee substance abuse treatment data are analyzed from two basic sources. The first is census information in N-SSATS based on a one day annual census count and the other is information from the Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) which reports the annual number of admissions related to Tennessee substance abuse treatment.

The N-SSATS survey for 2006 showed that Tennessee had a total of 15,053 patients who received treatment for substance abuse. Of that total 13,348 (89%) were in some form of outpatient treatment for chemical dependency. Of those receiving outpatient treatment for substance abuse in Tennessee, 1,003 (7%) were minors under age 18.

The TEDS reports show the percentage being treated, but also mentions which drugs or alcohol are being abused upon being admitted. Over the past 15 years it shows a consistent decline in the admissions related to alcohol abuse treatment.  For example in 1992, 82% of substance abuse treatment was related to alcohol abuse, whereas in 2006 only 59% of admissions were for alcohol abuse treatment. At the same time there was a rise in the percentage prescription drugs, such as opiates. In 1992, 6% of admissions were related to opiod abuse treatment and 2006 29% of admissions were related to opioid abuse treatment.

Over the years that data from TEDS has been available, Tennessee substance abuse treatment shows a marked shift in the types of problems being seen. There has been a rise in admissions for drug abuse treatment from 18% of all admissions in 1992, whereas 41% of all admissions in 2006 were related to drug abuse treatment. And at the same time, admissions of patients with both alcohol and drug abuse problems have been on the decline, from 45% in 1992 to 28% in 2006.

In Tennessee substance abuse treatment facilities, from 2008 – 2012, for persons aged 12 or older, the results showed:

  • 318,000 or 6.1% were diagnosed with alcohol dependence or alcohol abuse within the prior year of the survey;
  • 139,000 or 2.6% were diagnosed with drug dependence or drug abuse within the prior year; and
  • 17,000 or 12.1% received treatment for their substance abuse problem within the prior year

Regarding persons 21 or older in Tennessee, about 258,000 or 5.7% of all people in this age group per year 2008 – 2012 claimed heavy alcohol use during the month before being surveyed.  Of these people less than 1% received treatment for alcohol abuse in the year before being surveyed.

Of those in Tennessee substance abuse treatment facilities in a single- day, the count in 2012 showed:

  • 53% entered treatment for drug abuse or drug dependence only;
  • 2% were in treatment for alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence only; and
  • 6% in treatment for both alcohol abuse and drug abuse.

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